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I am using PostgreSQL database & JPA. Here is my user table

          id integer NOT NULL DEFAULT nextval('userseq'::regclass),
          firstname character varying(64) ,
          middlename character varying(64),
          lastname character varying(64),
          birthdate timestamp with time zone,

    Query query = em
    "SELECT users FROM Users users WHERE user.birthdate =:a")

I want get all user whose age in between 18-25. Please complete my above JPA query

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you don't need to convert existing timestamp of DB. revised the answer, please. –  CycDemo Oct 23 '12 at 10:08
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Use Between operator, fix to user.birthdate to users.birthdate at first.

    Calendar cal_1 = Calendar.getInstance();
    cal_1.add(Calendar.YEAR, -18);
    Date a = cal_1.getTime();
    Calendar cal_2 = Calendar.getInstance();
    cal_2.add(Calendar.YEAR, -25);
    Date b = cal_2.getTime();

    query.setParameter("a", a);
    query.setParameter("b", b);

    SELECT users FROM Users users WHERE users.eventsDate BETWEEN :a AND :b

Example : x BETWEEN :min AND :max. Reference here

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JPQL is lacking in date operators. In SQL you'd write something like:


but you can't do that in JPQL as far as I can tell. BETWEEN is supported in JPQL, so I'd convert the date parameters a and b to java.util.Date using java.util.Calendar, then use:

SELECT users FROM Users users WHERE user.birthdate BETWEEN :a AND :b
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