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I want to compare a sql Table with C# list my first case is:

- SELECT    * FROM t1 WHERE    (id IN ('1','2','3'))( selecting 1 field)

i want now to select by 2 fields like that:

 - SELECT    * FROM t1 WHERE    ((id , name) IN ('1,tttt','1,tttt'))

but its not working, how can i implement this?

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By the look of it, you can't include more than one column in an IN clause.

You could either just build up a regular WHERE clause:

WHERE (id = 1 AND name = 'tttt')
   OR (id = 2 AND name = 'ssss')

or you could pass in a table-valued parameter and JOIN on to that

JOIN @tvp
ON t1.id = @tvp.id AND t1.name = @tvp.name 
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Where is the C# list here? Maybe you can use And or OR ??

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I want it to work as strings then i will convert to C# code –  khs Oct 23 '12 at 9:49

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