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i´ve received the aforementioned Error.

At the Moment, i try to learn Phonegap by means of the Book of Andrew Lunny - Beginners Guide. He describes everything by means of examples and little Applications. In the first 3 Chapter everything works perfectly but now i receive this Error, after i create a new Project!

Could anyone tell me, what to do at this point? I search about this Error, but without any success.

I try to update Cordova to Version 2.1.0, but i have still the same error..

I use xCode 4.4 and Phonegap 2.1.0

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The problem was the missing CordovaLib.xcodeproj! I drag&drop it from my explorer (Users/{your username}/Documents/PhoneGap/CordovaLib/), where the CordovaLib.xcodeproj is saved, to the xcode package explorer!

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