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I downloaded the Megamatcher Android SDK from http://www.neurotechnology.com/megamatcher.html I already implementend a face identifier on android devices now i want compare the performance of my identifier with a corporate one (the one above) My problem is to export the mvn project from Megamatcher tutorial into an android project under Eclipse.

there's a way to create an eclipse project from a maven one? including all remote and local dependencies??


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Maybe it's just this what you are looking for From: source:

If you have a simple java project which is made up of only one module, using eclipse is very simple. To generate the eclipse project files from your POM you execute the following command:

mvn eclipse:eclipse

If you have created or checked out the project with eclipse, you only have to refresh the project in your workspace. Otherwise you have to import the project into your eclipse workspace (From the menu bar, select File >Import >Existing Projects into Workspace). In the latter case the project (directory) should not be located in your workspace, because eclipse might come into trouble, especially if you want to use eclipse as the scm client.

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