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I am using pandas to get the count of the Text type data and to find out the top 5 among the given data.

Input file is as follows:

Gears of war 3
Gears of war
Assassin creed
Crysis 2
Gears of war3

My Output is as follows:

    'Gears of War 3': 6,
    'Batman': 5,
    'gears of war 3': 4,
    'Rocksmith': 5,
    'nan': 32870

I want my code to skip counting nan values in my csv file.

My code is as follows:

data = pandas.read_csv('D:\my_file.csv')

for colname, dtype in data.dtypes.to_dict().iteritems():
    if dtype == 'object':
        print colname
        count = Counter(data[colname])
        d = dict((str(k), v) for k, v in count.iteritems())
        f = dict(sorted(d.iteritems(), key=lambda item: item[1], reverse = True)[:5])
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use value_counts() to count the non-Nan values:

        one       two     three
a  0.196508 -0.465768 -0.710062
b       NaN       NaN       NaN
c  0.532602  1.835499  0.465047
d       NaN       NaN       NaN
e  0.175336 -0.471934 -1.517812
f -2.392756 -0.021330 -0.239647
g       NaN       NaN       NaN
h -0.612554  0.238613 -1.060184


 0.532602    1
 0.196508    1
 0.175336    1
-0.612554    1
-2.392756    1
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You can just delete nan item from the Counter instance which is dictionary-like object:

from numpy import nan
del count[nan]

BTW You can use Counter.most_common method:

f = count.most_common(5)
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Christopher thanks a lot for the quick reply del count['nan'] is not working.. I tried it –  Code Ninja Oct 23 '12 at 11:07
why do you want to iterate over the frame instead of using existing methods? or am i missing something? –  root Oct 23 '12 at 11:12
user1667967, I thought that nan is represented by string "nan", but it's numpy.nan; I edited my answer –  Christopher Medrela Oct 23 '12 at 11:30

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