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I have a class UserFunction and it have two method getAudioFunction and getPromptFunction with returning String value, my problem is that i want to return both value in one method how can i able to do that


 public class UserFunction{ 

        Map<String,PromptBean> promptObject=new HashMap<String,PromptBean>(); 
        Map<String,AudioBean> audioObject = new HashMap<String,AudioBean>();

        XmlReaderPrompt xrpObject=new XmlReaderPrompt();
        public String getAudioFunction(String audioTag,String langMode )
            Map<String, AudioBean> audioObject=xrpObject.load_audio(langMode);          
            AudioBean audioBean=(AudioBean)audioObject.get(audioTag);           
            String av=StringEscapeUtils.escapeXml(audioBean.getAudio());            
            return av;
        public String getPromptFunction(String promptTag,String langMode )
            Map<String, PromptBean> promptObject=xrpObject.load(langMode);
            PromptBean promptBean= (PromptBean)promptObject.get(promptTag);             
            String pv=StringEscapeUtils.escapeXml(promptBean.getPrompt());          
            return pv;

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return custom class object instead of string –  pmtamal Oct 23 '12 at 11:38

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You need to return an object which holds both values. You could create a class for this purpose. The class can have two getter methods for retrieving the values.

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It is not possible to return more than one value from a method in java. You can set multiple value into Map or List or create a custom class and can return that object.

public Map<String,String> getAudioAndPromptFunction(String audioTag,String langMode )
            Map<String,String> map =new HashMap();
            return map;

or you can create a custom bean class like.

public class AudioPrompt{
     private String  audioBean;
     private String  promptBean;

public AudioPrompt getAudioAndPromptFunction(String audioTag,String langMode )
     AudioPrompt audioPrompt =new AudioPrompt();
     return audioPrompt ;
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You'll need to return an object that includes both of the values. This could be an array with two elements, a Pair<A,B> class (which holds two generic values, typically from some pan-project utility library), or a method-specific class such as:

public class UserFunctionXmlPairing {
    public final String audioBeanXml;
    public final String promptBeanXml;
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Create a new class that holds your two strings and return that.

class AudioPromptPair {
    private String audio;
    private String prompt;
    public AudioPromptPair(String audio, String prompt) {
        this.audio = audio;
        this.prompt = prompt;

    // add getters and setters
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You can wrap all the values you wish into a single object and return that:

public class Prompts {
    private Map<String, Object> prompts = new HashMap<String, Object>();

    public void addPrompt(String name, Object prompt) { 
        this.prompts.put(name, prompt);

    public Object getPrompt(String name) { 

It's even easier if your AudioBean and PromptBean have a common super class or interface.

My preference would be to lose the "Bean" in your class names. AudioPrompt and TextPrompt would be preferred.

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