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I have been testing TinyMCE and CKEditor and they are great but I don't see a way to directly editing or resizing the different layer or divs areas for the content of the web. Firebug allows to do it manually, setting a value for the style width, height, padding of any layer.

Is it there any online html editor or an addon for some online editor which adds this feature?

It would be really nice for basic users which don't know html and needs to make some changes in a complex web with a lot of layers. Directly moving or resizing layer areas would be awesome.

Thanks in advance.


Content test                

With TinyMCE or CKEditor I can onlive edit the content: Content test, but I cant edit the width or heigh of the div unless I edit the css or I add an style property. I need that less advanced users could change it directly with the mouse cursor, like in DreamWeaver.

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CKEditor has this functionality. Perhaps I am misunderstanding the question? –  Asad Oct 23 '12 at 12:05
Hello Asad, I will specify more my question. I need a online rich text editor which is able to edit content layers, resize them or move them. Something like a Dreamweaver, which is able to show all layers and edit its size or position just with the mouse cursor, without having to edit the code. –  xtrm Oct 23 '12 at 12:16

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