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I create google tv emulator and allocate 1024MB memory for sdcard as well. but when I am running an basic Hello World example it responding me following error :

[2012-10-23 17:36:26 - SampleTest] Failed to install SampleTest.apk on device 'emulator-5554': Cannot allocate memory [2012-10-23 17:36:26 - SampleTest] com.android.ddmlib.SyncException: Cannot allocate memory [2012-10-23 17:36:26 - SampleTest] Launch canceled!

anyone have suggestion over this.

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The exception/error you are seeing has to do with a memory leak. I would suggest creating a new VM and only installing one app on it. How many applications are installed in the emulator now? How big is the SampleTest.apk?

If you get the same error then I would check that you have enough ram available in your host system (some times if you have a lot of files open you can run into issues with file descriptors). Check that you have allocated enough ram and sd space.

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I try same..create new emulator but problem is same,sample apk is just of some KB.My system has 6 GB of RAM..so i don't think so it is because memory leak...any other suggestion. –  Shubh Oct 24 '12 at 6:00
Try setting -partition-size 1024 as explained here: stackoverflow.com/a/3945915/251956 –  Megha Joshi - GoogleTV DevRel Oct 25 '12 at 22:42

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