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we are using two Memcached servers clusterted (Master , Master ) and used repcached on top of it for replication purpose , for our heavy traffic website

For all logged in users , I am doing a atomic Memcached cas Operation as shown below .

long casVal = resp.getCas();
MemcacheClinet.cas(TOTAL_USERS, 0,value, casVal);

After doing some research using Memcache Stats Commands on both the servers using get TOTAL_USERS , i found that this key has got a different value on each server and its not being replicated properly and its behaving abnormally

Please let me know if is it possible to get this key "TOTAL_USERS" replicated properly on both the servers ??

Or is there any other way where i can manually append the Data to this String ??

I am uisng XMemcached 1.4.5 version with repcached 2.2 installed on to it .

Please share your ideas .

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