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Is it possible to create an activity explorer in Access 2010? Has any body any experience in creating an 'Activity Monitor' in Access. Is Access even a suitable tool for the job?

By an activity explorer I refer to the functionality of logging emails, phone calls, documents accessed (and time and who accessed/edited them) to specific records in a database.

The user can then view, chronologically, all of the relevant information relating to a record in the database.

For example, I have a Claims Management database with each claim entered into the database:

  • I wish to log all relevant emails sent, and the user logs all relevant calls. This would require sending emails through Access? Incorporate Outlook?

  • For each claim a directory is created, where the user can store relevant documents to each claim. Is it possible to log / version control these documents with Access?

Is the only way of achieving this through incorporating outlook, not that I would be completely averse to this.

Thanks in advance for any assistance or advice.

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I see you've been downvoted a couple of times on this, likely cause is that this question is not likely to help others and also doesn't show that you have yet tried anything on your own.

Some advice however, if you want to send e-mails from Access using Outlook then you will need to make sure the server settings allow this to prevent user's having irritating warning messages. Otherwise you can google Send mail using CDO. This allows you to send with just the SMTP server settings, but is a little more fiddly if you want nicely formatted e-mails.

Relevant documents can either be stored on a shared drive with the filepath stored in the database, or directly in the database as an OLE object; I recommend the first option to stop the database size ballooning.

And now for the fun part, Phone Calls. Unless you have some sort of connection to the telephone system which you can interrogate then this isn't going to fly and you will be relying on your user's entering these details in the database.

All in all you need to be a little more specific and also have a go yourself first.

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Cheers @MattDonnan, the dreaded down vote! I'm at a bit of a loss as to where to begin with adding 'Activity Explorer' functionality to an existing database. I can store documents already, a directory is created per record ID. Thats not really a problem to do. Its creating a sort of version control, or a record of when documents are accessed or edited and recording this info? – noelmcg Oct 23 '12 at 13:33
sorry I meant to add that the phone calls would be recorded manually. Cheers for the heads up on CDO, will examine this further. – noelmcg Oct 23 '12 at 13:36
Ok @noelmcg, depends on the type of documents, are they an office file like word or excel, if so then you can create a launch functionality in the database for opening these files to view/edit, rather than letting user's go to the directory. That way you can track when they are opened, in terms of edited that's a little tougher, if the db wasn't to be in use whilst editing a document then you could build a loop to check if the document is still open, if not then check the file's last modified date to see if it has been updated. – Matt Donnan Oct 23 '12 at 18:53
I've been knowledge blocked! How has this question been closed? It bears some similarity to a question regarding sharepoint but surely the two questions can each stand alone? @LittlebobbyTables Could someone please cast some light on this for me as to prevent a future repeat. And yep, I have read the faq's. – noelmcg Oct 23 '12 at 19:14
@noelmcg As this one is a little polluted now, I would suggest a new question as that will likely draw more interest, you can then always add a link to it on this thread in case anyone ends up here. – Matt Donnan Oct 24 '12 at 12:31

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