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I have downloaded sphinxbase.tar.gz and sphinxtrain.tar.gz in windows 7 computer. Build with Visual studio 2010. I have installed Activeperl, python 3.3.

In tutorial http://cmusphinx.sourceforge.net/wiki/tutorialam it says:

For sphinxtrain snapshot

sphinxtrain -t an4 setup

It is possibly for linux systems. How can I run sphinxtrain (snapshot) in windows 7 (64 bit)?

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The Windows support is still being tested. I have a patch like this, but haven't committed it yet. The patch is here:


Running on Windows:

  • first of all, open the Visual Studio project SphinxTrain.sln and build it
  • copy the following files in bin\Debug or bin\Release:
    • pocketsphinx_batch.exe and pocketsphinx.dll from the pocketsphinx package
    • sphinx_fe.exe and sphinxbase.dll from the sphinxbase package
  • from the directory of your training database run:
    • python SPHINX_DIR\SphinxTrain\scripts\sphinxtrain.in -t db_name setup
    • python SPHINX_DIR\SphinxTrain\scripts\sphinxtrain.in run
  • note that the script first considers bin/Release and, if that doesn't exist, bin/Debug

At the same time you can use scripts from release with binaries from snapshot, results will not be different.

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