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My scenario is like this: I have a select box with options and a lovely D3 force layout visualisation.

I want to use the options to fade-in/out certain parts of my visualisation. I'm using jQuery for this particular situation like:

$("select.filter.tag").change(function() {
  var cls = "."+$(this).val();
  if(cls != "."){
    d3.selectAll(".node:not("+cls+"), .link:not("+cls+")").transition()
      .style("opacity", 0);

    d3.selectAll(".node"+cls+", .link"+cls).transition()
      .style("opacity", 1);
    d3.selectAll(".node, .link").transition()
      .style("opacity", 1)

However this doesn't fade in/out any part of my visualisation. The certain part just disappears in a split second (this is in the latest version of Firefox, the code actually works with Chrome & Safari)

Preview: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/41566165/question/index.html

Is there anyone who can help?

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You should replace your transition().duration(500).style('opacity', 1) with jQuery's built in fadeIn/fadeOut with appropriate animation times in ms.

Check out the jQuery FadeOut documentation

Fade Out Example:

$('.node:not("+cls+"), .link:not("+cls+")').fadeOut(900);

Fading in is very similar to fading out:

$('.node'+cls+', .link'+cls').fadeIn(900);
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