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I Have written following code using libpcap in xCode


void processPacket(u_char *arg,const struct pcap_pkthdr* pkthdr,const u_char* packet){
    int i=0,*counter=(int*)arg;
    printf("Packet Count:%d\n",++(*counter));
    printf("Recived Packet Size:%d\n",pkthdr->len);
            printf(". ");

int main(){
    int count=0;
    pcap_t *descr=NULL;
    char errbuf[PCAP_ERRBUF_SIZE];
    descr=pcap_open_live("en1", MAXBYTES2CAPTURE, 1, 512, errbuf);
        pcap_loop(descr, -1, processPacket,(u_char*)&count);

        return 0;

Now While running from xCode 4.4 it Displays "ERROR" but when I go to the product directory and run like this in terminal :

sudo ./TCP_packet

It runs fine
I have already used setuid(0),But still not working in xCode!!!
So,How can I Run this program as root in xCode, is there some setting that I have to do in xCode xCode ver:4.4
OSX:10.7 Lion
thank U

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I'm not sure why people are saying to chmod the /dev/bpf* files. Just add yourself to the access_bpf group so your user account can access the packet filter devices.

Go to Apple menu > System Preferences... > Users & Groups, unlock the panel if needed, click the +, select Group from the drop-down, name the group access_bpf, and create it. Then expand Groups and make sure your user account is added to it.

Works for me. I don't need to use sudo to capture packets. (or chmod every boot)

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That only works if you've installed Wireshark, which creates that group - and adds the user who installed Wireshark to it, changes the group owner of the BPF devices to it, and installs a StartupItem to change the group owner of the BPF devices on a reboot. If you haven't installed Wireshark, or created the access_bpf group yourself, that group won't exist. – Guy Harris Oct 24 '12 at 0:56
@Guy, interesting, thanks. So short answer: install Wireshark and don't worry about it? ;-) – Mike Oct 24 '12 at 3:42
Installing a recent version of Wireshark (which I assume you've already done) on OS X will install all the mechanisms necessary to support using BPF (whether through libpcap or something else) without being root (it does so in order to make it possible for Wireshark to capture without running as root), and, yes, it's probably the easiest way to do that. – Guy Harris Oct 24 '12 at 5:40

You need to make the app setuid, owned by root after building.

If you want to make the program work you need to do:

chown root:wheel TCP_packet
chmod u+s TCP_packet

This will allow it to run with root privileges, and thus access the packet capture device.

If you've installed wireshark, it should have added your user account to an access_bpf group, which permits access to the /dev/bpf* devices, which is what you need to perform packet capture.

prior to this helper, I used to do: sudo chgrp admin /dev/bpf*; sudo chmod g+r /dev/bpf*, which allowed access to the packet capture device until next reboot

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setuid only works on a system(), fork() or exec() calls, so this won't help you

what you can do is chmod u+s TCP_packet as the root user, this will do what you want

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Or, because you are debugging and want this done as root; just simply launch Xcode as root.

cd /Applications/
sudo ./Xcode

Navigate to your project and you are good to go.



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