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Parameter Value (It’s Unique Name) = [Company].[Company Hierarchy].&[10] 

Parameter Label (It’s Name) = HQ

I want to type in “HQ” and generate report for “[Company].[Company Hierarchy].&[10]”

So, basically, I want to TYPE in label text and transform that somehow so ssrs would generate report for it’s value that matches MDX format [dim].[hierarchy].&[member]

It's kind of hard to explain but how would I go about setting up the parameter and how would I use that parameter for datasets?

Thank you

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It is possible to use NameColumn in SSAS. If you properly set up your Company dimension, you will be able to reach your dimension via its name and not via its key.

[Company].[Company Hierarchy].&[10] (that's the way you get the dimension with the key 10. The key 10 is unique, returning only one member)

[Company].[Company Hierarchy].[HQ] (that's the way you get the dimension with its name. [HQ] in this example might not be unique. Notice that I don't use & this time.)

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