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I am trying to automate testing of UI that relies on canvas for some elements, mainly graphs and such. What I want to do is somehow extract the values as they are shown to the user in the graph using Watir, the problem is that the values are only shown in a popup, that is added to the html when the user puts the mouse over in icon that is drawn in the canvas using gwt code.

Using firefox I can see that the mouse events in the canvas element contains the values I want (without having to actually hover the icons drawn by the Java code) and I could parse them in the ruby script if I could get at them. Is there anyway to fire the event and get the actual event details or payload using watir.

The code is behind a corporate firewall, so can't point anybody to it, but say for example I have this mouse event (in firebug console)

mousemove clientX=400, clientY=230

with the current target


And if I click on that I can see an attribute d with a 2D array of the values I want to validate. Is there anyway of getting that information


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