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I added one user to the admin database of a fresh MongoDB install (v2.2) and now the monitoring user interface normally found at http://mysite.com:28017 requires authentication; yet when I authenticate using the credentials of that user I just added I'm still denied. Is it not enough to add a user to admin?

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Do you have any firewall settings or the port is available to the world (if it's an actual domain).

How did you ran the mongodb?


Maybe a screenshot (imgur.com) might help, to see the error.

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The port is definitely available to "the world"; it's only when I add a single user to the admin DB that this happens. If I remove the user from the admin DB, then I can see the HTTP interface again. So not a port problem. I suspect that I'm not properly adding users. Checking on config. –  Glenn Scott Oct 23 '12 at 15:29

I resolved the issue by going back and more carefully reviewing the security and authentication documentation. Specifically, I stopped all servers in the replica set, turned off security, removed all users from the admin database (it's a new install), and started the replica set. Then I added the user, restarted the replica set with security enabled (--keyfile), hit the admin interface at :28017, and when prompted for auth, used that newly-created admin credential successfully. Just needed to be careful.

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