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I am unable to get Struts2 grid filter column with dynamic list (drop down) to work. The code is below. I am using struts grid 2.2. Tried edittype="select" on column. no luck :(

<sjg:grid id="unAssignedTable" 

                    **filterOptions="{ stringResult :true,
                                     searchOnEnter : true,
                                    enableClear : true}"**


                    <sjg:gridColumn name="countryDescription" index="countryDescription" title="Country" sortable="true" search="true" edittype="select"  />

Basically want search filter on shipType column as here http://www.trirand.com/blog/phpjqgrid/examples/searching/search_toolbar/default.php

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This can be done if you know the id attribute of your filter element. Assuming you do, just add the necessary HTML code using something like JQuery to the element.

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Thanks. Have managed to get the list into the dropdown. But I am yet to understand how to trigger the filter onChange of select dropdown –  MountainRock Nov 22 '12 at 14:28
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Easy once we know the parameter (dataInit) and syntax.

<sjg:gridColumn name="test" index="test" title="Test" sortable="true" width="90"
                                        searchoptions="{   dataInit:function(elem) {myfunction(elem) }  }" />
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how did you managed to get list in drop-down list, i am unable to show data in list but in string form as {"helpDeskUsers":"success","userList":[{"departments":null,"helper_name":"arvin"‌​,"helper_value":null,"user_level":null},{"departments...... –  arvin_codeHunk Feb 18 '13 at 11:09

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