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I am working on a C# geometric application.

I have a list of points that forms a contour of a shape. I am looking for an algorithm that can divide the complex shape into a list of simple shapes.

I have implemented the polygon triangulation, however i need now to make it more complex by dividing it into ellipses or circles or other predefined simple shapes like square... not only triangles. so in a perfect world if I have a house it will divide it into a triangle (the roof) a square (the body) and an ellipse (the door)...

Is that possible to be done by an algorithm?

The shape I have is represented by a list of points that forms it's contour.

Thanks a lot for any help or tip

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I would have thought that this kind of question would be more suitable for a specialist mathematics board. It is vague, for example Would you want a large number of points which (almost) define a cirlce to be converted to a circle? Are overlapping shapes allowed in the output? Which combination of shapes is preferable if more than one solution exists? This question is very broad and it wouldn't surprise me if it gets closed... –  El Ronnoco Oct 23 '12 at 14:21
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Check the Hough transform, your problem is close to what it solves.

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