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I have UITableView and there is a picker view inside every cell. User can change value of every picker separately.

I need to know that which cell's pickerView is changed. For example, when user move a picker I will know that, this is cell 3.

Is there any way to do that? It's not necessary to get instant changed values. We can store it on array than send when Go button clicked that is not related with tableview.

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they are UIImagePickerControllers being selected? –  NSTJ Oct 23 '12 at 15:11

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I would suggest to store an array of pointers to your picker views. So index 0 of your array would point to the picker view of table row 0, etcetera. Then, make sure your view controller is the delegate of all picker views. Implement the pickerView:didSelectRow:inComponent: method declared by the UIPickerViewDelegate protocol. That method has an instance of UIPickerView as parameter: that's the one which value was changed. To obtain the row of that picker view, you can send your array the indexOfObject: method.

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Create a subclass of a UITableViewCell. That subclass should get a reference to whatever you want to update, and then it can simply create (or IBOutlet link) to the picker and be a delegate of the picker.

So Cell should have:

- (void) passStuff:(NSMutableDictionary *)datamodel key:(NSString *)key values:(NSArray *)values {
    _privateWeakRefDataModel = datamodel;
    _privateCopyKey = key;
    _privateValues = values;
    [picker reloadData];

#pragma mark - Picker Delegate Code here

This way the cells will handle updating your data model directly. Keeps your code much cleaner.

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