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On my Apache server, I'm moving an old domain to a new place, and it's going to share the same Apache setup as the previous one.

Say I have two domains:

  • example.com (old domain)
  • example.net (new domain).

If the request uri is the old domain then it should redirect to the new domain with its path such as example.com/blog/great-post/ is 301 redirected to example.net/blog/great-post/

However if the request uri is example.net/blog/great-post/ then it should not redirect to itself because it's already at its destination (and won't get stuck in a redirect loop).

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You can setup conditional rewrites using RewriteCond, please read the manual for more info.

RewriteEngine On

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^example.net$
RewriteRule (.*) http://example.net/$1 [R=301,L]
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That doesn't work, I've already tried that. –  Ryan Oct 23 '12 at 15:49
Oops, had a typo. Should have been example.net on both lines. Just tested the fixed version and it's working for me locally. If it still doesn't work, double check that mod_rewrite is enabled on your server. –  bradym Oct 23 '12 at 16:23

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