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First off this is my - Test Site

This is my testing playground for Google maps, I am not concerning myself with aesthetics. What I am having trouble with is getting some jQuery to fire when I click on a link inside of the info window. If you are familiar with Google Maps this is where I create my infowindow:

GEvent.addListener(marker,"click", function() {
map.openInfoWindow(point,'<div class="infoWindow">'+windowText+'\
'+<a href='#' class='showme' onclick='return false;'>Show Comments</a>+'\

/*On click, show all the comments*/
$('.showme').live('click', function(){


To understand how it works, it might be easier just to view the source on the page. Originally I had instead of using a "live event" been doing a normal "on click" which did not work. I was assuming because the info window was its own environment apart from the main window.

This was wrong I believe when I tried the "live event" and it began to work in Chrome and FF. So now I am trying to understand why the click event doesn't work in any browser, and why the live event would work in everything but IE.

Does anyone have any input?


Edit:Sorry, if it wasn't clear the "show comments" link in the info window is where my trouble lies.

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It seems there are some issues with using jquery's live() functionality with IE. There was a recommendation here to try bind instead. I've read in some other places that using a different mouse event can work as well, such as mouseup or mousedown. It definitely seems like an IE bug, though.

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Oh wow, that did the trick. I would still be curious to know why regular click events don't work inside the info window but I will have to research that a bit more. – Levi Aug 20 '09 at 1:21

The livequery plugin seems to work in info windows with IE.

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Changing the live('click',...) to live('mouseup', ...) fixed it in my case.

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