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in class Snake I Have:

public Snake()
  snakeRec = new Rectangle[3];

  if(Form1.diffeasy = true)
    colorid = "Green";
  else if (Form1.diffnormal = true) 
    colorid = "blue";
  else if (Form1.diffhard = true) 
    colorid = "purple";
  else if (Form1.diffextreme = true)
    colorid = "red";

  Sbrush = new SolidBrush(Color.FromName(colorid)

Now the diffextreme, diffeasy,... are defined in Form1 as

bool diffeasy = false;
bool diffnormal = false;
bool diffhard = false;
bool diffextreme = false;

When a user chooses a difficulty, one of these is set to true.

My question is: How do I correctly access these booleans in the snake class?

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Have accessor methods i.e. getter/setter methods defined in Form1 to access your fields of Form1 e.g. for diffeasy:

   boolean isDiffeasy (){
       return this.diffeasy;

   void setDiffeasy (boolean diffeasy){
       this.diffeasy = diffeasy ;

Use this methods of Form1 in Snake class as:

   if(form1.isDiffeasy()) {
       colorid = "Green";

    form1.setDiffeasy (false);
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Thanks for your answer. – Matthias Verhoeven Oct 23 '12 at 17:02

There is no need to write the if syntax with boolean variable like this

if (value = true) // Incorrect Syntax

rather then you can right

if(value) // reason is if takes boolean variable.

Also you can write it improper way like this

if(value == true).

You can use setter and getter function to access and set the boolean operators.

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