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I have an enum that is straightforward and does not require to have each member documented. I'd still like all members in the documentation so people can see the possible values.

Is there a way to make doxygen to extract all members of enums without setting it to EXTRACT_ALL?

Enum in Question:

/// \brief This enum holds all normal and special keys
enum Key
   KEY_A = 'A',
   KEY_B = 'B',
   // etc
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Have a look at member grouping and the DISTRIBUTE_GROUP_DOC configuration file option.

From the DISTRIBUTE_GROUP_DOC documentation:

If member grouping is used in the documentation and the DISTRIBUTE_GROUP_DOC tag is set to YES, then doxygen will reuse the documentation of the first member in the group (if any) for the other members of the group. By default all members of a group must be documented explicitly.

Also, remember to have \file somewhere.

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