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I am using Chirpy to generate LESS files for me, but the filter gradient used in IE keeps rendiner the following output which is causing blue-black gradient. If I remove the alpha and () it works fine, but no gradient. Is there something wrong with the compiler?


The header and footer should have a red gradient background.

The header and footer should have a black gradient background.

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I had this issue using an old version of dotless (a .NET LESS compiler) which didn't support the argb function.

The intended result is that argb(#222) is translated to #ff222222

The latest dotless fixes this for me - perhaps there is a newer version of chirpy?

If not, you could try removing the argb calls from the filter rules in bootstrap's mixins.less file.

A correct filter value is something like this:

progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient(startColorstr='#ff222222', endColorstr='#ff111111', GradientType=0)
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