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I know how to POST/GET text values with ajax,

but never know how to upload files with ajax.

Can someone just give a simple demo here?

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GMail is actually using Flash for uploading files now... You could try looking into something like SWFUpload.

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I'm not familiar with flash.Isn't there a solution for doing this with ajax? –  omg Aug 20 '09 at 2:02

Ajax could certainly upload files by posting a HTML form with a input type="file" in it.

Some links to get you started:



Depending on the server/server side language you could probably send some kind of progress info to the client to render as a progress bar.

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Check out this Ajax upload scripts, it has examples in Php and .Net. The basic idea behind the script is that you have to create an iFrame to handle this.

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The YUI uploader is a flash based uploader that is designed to be very easy to integrate into javascript, with minimal knowledge of flash.

If you want a progress bar, I believe a pure javascript solution would require a server side piece to send back the current completion percentage via ajax, which would add quite a bit of complexity compared to a flash solution.

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