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Is it possible to enable type completion in Typerex for external modules? In particular I am trying to use js_of_ocaml.

I can see local identifiers in code completion, so it is definitely enabled, but when I type (for example) Dom_html. I don't get a list of the module's contents.

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Apologies. Will do! – Oenotria Oct 25 '12 at 18:28
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Version 1 of TypeRex does not provide completion on files with syntax extensions, unless you play some tricks with camlp4.

Version 2 of TypeRex will work better, as it will based on a relaxed syntax of OCaml, and usually most standard syntax extensions are compatible with this relaxed syntax.

Version 2 is not yet released, but you can still try it in the branch typerex2 of the repository.

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