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I have an object, say mUser, and it has some values in -, mUser.gender etc.. Also I have another object , say mUser.personalInfo inside mUser ( Sorry I dont know what exatly I should mention it). And inside personalInfo , few more items.

ie. mUser.personalInfo.age will return 33.

I need to save this object with all its properties and sub items to sqlite database.

How will be the procedure? Could anyone tell me the steps to follow. Like - 1. Create tables, 2. do something with the object, 3. pass this code.. with some pseudo if required.

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SQLite - like standard SQL engines - only supports "flat records". It's up to the developer to decide how to map them, and then map then. One perfectly valid approach is to treat a table as a "type" of entity (e.g. Users, PersonInfo). However, I urge thinking in terms of relationships instead of containers as it will avoid later struggles with the "impedance mismatch". – user166390 Oct 23 '12 at 16:16

Create two tables - One for high level UserInfo, say User. Another named UserPersonalInfo. In the second table, you will have a column which will refer back to a record in User table. Lets call it user_id. It's called a foreign key. You should first store user info, keep it's id and then save PersonalInfo in the other table with user_id linking to the User table. While retrieving, you have to join the two tables on Now the age column in this joined table will directly point to mUser.personalInfo.age. Lot of text, hope it helps.

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