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I've implemented the acts_as_taggable_on gem and I can see on the db the tag table which tags I have.

I am tagging the model Card, and when I do Card.tag_counts

all I get is

 [#<ActsAsTaggableOn::Tag id: 1, name: "test4">, #<ActsAsTaggableOn::Tag id: 2, name: "you">, #<ActsAsTaggableOn::Tag id: 3, name: "test">, #<ActsAsTaggableOn::Tag id: 4, name: "tyy">, #<ActsAsTaggableOn::Tag id: 5, name: "tetes">]

even though I have some cards with the same tag

I've verified this by Card.all.map{|c| c.tags}

and got

[#<ActsAsTaggableOn::Tag id: 1, name: "test4">], [#<ActsAsTaggableOn::Tag id: 2, name: "you">,  #ActsAsTaggableOn::Tag id: 1, name: "test4">], [#<ActsAsTaggableOn::Tag id: 3, name: "test">,  #ActsAsTaggableOn::Tag id: 2, name: "you">], [#<ActsAsTaggableOn::Tag id: 4, name: "tyy">], [#ActsAsTaggableOn::Tag id: 5, name: "tetes">], [#<ActsAsTaggableOn::Tag id: 2, name: "you">], [#ActsAsTaggableOn::Tag id: 2, name: "you">], [#<ActsAsTaggableOn::Tag id: 2, name: "you">]]

so obivously I have a tag for more than once card.

Why won't Card.tag_counts show me the count, and if its not the way how can I get the tag_count?

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Try Card.tag_counts_on(:tags) –  Raghu Oct 23 '12 at 16:33
that gives me the same result.. see my answer below –  Nick Ginanto Oct 23 '12 at 16:35

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You need to actually call .count on the returned Tag objects.

ActsAsTaggableOn is using a custom select to return the counts, and when one does that, the selected values (count, in this case) are accessible, but don't show up in inspect.

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according to https://github.com/mbleigh/acts-as-taggable-on/issues/185

in order to get all the tag counts you must do something like

Card.tag_count.map{|x| [x.name,x.count]}

which is pretty ugly...

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