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I installed TeamCity for personal use on Ubuntu Linux, and I'd like to upgrade it. However, the procedure to do it seems a bit messy to me. My undestanding is that I should:
- Backup everything
- Delete everything
- Re-install Teamcity from scratch
- Reinstall all extra drivers, plugins, etc.

That's way too "manual" and time consuming for my taste, the risk of leaving something behind is too high. Is there a safer way to do the upgrade, which doesn't involve reinstallation?

Thanks in advance for all contributions.

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If you have typical installation (Data and custom plugins located in ~/.BuildServer, nothing edited in TeamCity installation files) you can just:

  • Backup server data via WebUI
  • Stop server

or this two steps can be replaced with

  • Stop server
  • Backup server data via


  • Delete TeamCity installation directory (Data will not be deleted)
  • Untar TeamCity-???.tar.gz
  • Start server

Complete information about server upgrade can be found in documentation.

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Thank you for your answer, it was very useful. I actually spotted that TeamCity data directory was in "/var/TeamCity/.BuildServer/". I noticed it in time, so I just had to make a copy of it before removing previous installation. – Diego Oct 30 '12 at 2:35

My teamcity server is installed under /opt so adapt to your needs.

  • mv /opt/teamcity /opt/teamcity_old
  • tar -xvzf TeamCity-xxxxxxxxx.tar.gz
  • mv TeamCity /opt/teamcity
  • cp -R /opt/teamcity_old/.BuildServer/ /opt/teamcity/.BuildServer/
  • cp -R /opt/teamcity_old/conf/ /opt/teamcity/conf (check if you want to copy you changes from configuration files before, especially from server.xml)
  • chown -R teamcity. /opt/teamcity
  • service teamcity start
  • Follow teamcity UI instructions for upgrade
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