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I'm trying to set an attribute in an annotation, using Spring @Value, but I get Type mismatch: cannot convert from Value to String. Here is what I tried:

@Table(name = "myTable", catalog = @Value("${database.myCatalog}") )

Is it possible? And if yes, how to do it?

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I think you are a little bit confused with how Spring uses that annotation.

As far as I know, the only way that annotation can only be set at field or method/constructor parameters.

Also, for Spring to resolve it, the POJO must be a Spring managed bean. That means that it must be defined in the Spring (Web)ApplicationContext implementation to be resolved.

Your question seems like you are annotating a JPA Entity which is not a Spring bean but a Class to be used by the JPA implementation that you are using (e.g. Hibernate).

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You're right, of course an entity is not a Spring Bean. In that annotation, other than a literal value, I saw I can use a static final field from another class. I could have that field set from a constructor when my container starts, but the final requirement can't be relaxed. So if I want to configure that value outside source code the only solution that I found is declare two persistence contexts. –  stivlo Oct 24 '12 at 8:03

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