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I'm working on a site and I have run into a few problems. Here is the site:


  1. I have two divs. .slide and .cover.

.cover fades in and out when hovered over displaying some text and a transparent background. This is done with Jqery and the transpareny is with CSS.

This works fine on load in all browsers but when I hover over a slide and it fades back in, the background transparency of .cover doesn't work in IE (6 7 and 8). I've tried css with .cover:hover and that doesn't work as an IE hack.

.cover {

    margin:0 auto;
.cover:hover {  opacity:0.7;
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If you are already using jQuery you could try something like this:

$(document).ready(function() {
        function() {  $(".cover").animate({ opacity: 0.7 }, 500 ); },
        function() {  $(".cover").animate({ opacity: 0 }, 500 ); }

and remove this from your CSS:

.cover:hover {  opacity:0.7;
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That coupled with my old code worked great. Did not remove CSS –  wesbos Aug 23 '09 at 23:47

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