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Everyone wants (and deserves) to know how to style a file input in an html form (and there are several well known techniques for that). But I'd rather want to know why we have to struggle with a technical limitation that seems so trivial and, more than everything.

I'm not really comfortable with w3c documentation, so maybe I totally missed it during my research, but I can't find any solid documentation about the origin of this problem (references would be sweet).

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This control is rendered by the OS, not HTML. It varies from platform to platform. It's "hard" to style because it's not part of the spec.

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Essentially, there is no "Browse button" in any standard. That's just how your browser happens to render the control. Different browsers render it differently — different colors, different size, different position, etc. It would be nice if there were a way to style inputs more sensibly, but right now their contents are what's known as a "shadow DOM," which basically means "There's stuff inside here, but you can't touch it because it's not supposed to be there in the standard."

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It's hard because having a button that you wouldn't recognize as the standard file browsing button could lead to a security risk. That's just like the dialog on onBeforeUnload and other risky feature : they must be recognizable.

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Exposure to the file system is very protected. Sometimes access is not even granted (iPhone).

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