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I'm using facebook open graph to make a custom action like this:

UserName is tagging a Post with MyApp.

It works well, but I have only one problem:

In my recent activities I have: Bed77 is tagging a Red Gorgeous Post with MyApp.

and in my wall I have: Bed77 is tagging a Post with MyApp.

"Red Gorgeous Post" is the og:title that I have set for that object in my page.

Why it's fetched only in recent activities and not in the wall? It's an automatic facebook decision?

Explained with one image: enter image description here


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i have a side question, how do you get the post to show up on timeline as well? I can only get to show in the "Recent Activities" box –  minovsky Dec 11 '12 at 11:21

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Yes, the locations of object-type and object-title are determined by Facebook in what are called 'Timeline Units'.

In your example, "red gorgeous POST" (the title) is displayed below the header ("Duccio is tagging a POST with PostBlogger").

Recent Activity has a different format that is more compact.

In OG Aggregation Units you have some control over the display of objects and their attributes. For example, if you have a Trip, you could display the km/miles of that trip with Trip.distance in the Aggregation unit.

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Yes, it's displayed below because I think I can't change that: gyazo.com/899771398dce4d6fed563f742831c00e.png?1351017763 , then I cannot specific an action's title in my wall. Agree? –  beddamadre Oct 23 '12 at 18:43
I agree. The object will display as shown by the object-type settings, "preview" section: App Dashboard > Open Graph > [object-type] > Preview. To see an accurate preview of an object click "Edit Preview Object" in the "Preview" section, then "Preview From URL", then paste in the URL of one of your og objects. –  Donn Lee Oct 23 '12 at 23:08

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