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I am new to Web Services and am struggling to access/read the XML data using PHP (my website that will be using the data is in PHP).

The WSDL Url:

I need to get access and read the Vehicle stock information but cant see to access anything. the Array vehicle are stored under: .

i am using this code but it doesnt give my any data. I also have a GUID that i need to pass but have no idea how to add it to the header.

            define('NEWLINE', "<br />\n");

            // SOAP client

            $wsdl = '';
            $soapClient = new SoapClient($wsdl, array('cache_wsdl' => 0));

            // SOAP call


                $result = $soapClient->GetVehicleStock($parameters);
            catch (SoapFault $fault)
                echo "Fault code: {$fault->faultcode}" . NEWLINE;
                echo "Fault string: {$fault->faultstring}" . NEWLINE;
                if ($soapClient != null)
                    $soapClient = null;
            $soapClient = null;

            echo "<pre>\n";
            echo "</pre>\n";

            echo "Return value: {$result->GetDataResult}" . NEWLINE;


if someone can help or point me in the right direction with this that would be great.


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You can add headers using __setSoapHeaders():

$h = new SoapHeader('', 'Guid', '123');

I had to read the WSDL itself to find out what namespace I should use; in this case they refer to Guid as tns:Guid and from the top you can read what URI is used to express that, hence

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