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I need to have a perl or php script run every time a call is answered (by a person using a sip phone).

I am using FreePBX, and that system will be used to manage extensions, so whatever I do I need to make sure that adding a new extension or modifying one from the FreePBX interface won't wipe out the part that calls the script.

The person may dial the extension directly, have gotten to the extension via a Ring Group or IVR, or they may have been transferred. The script needs to run in all cases.

I know I need to add a line in one of the configuration files along the lines of:

exten => s,n,System( "caller=${ARG1} exten=${ARG2} called=${ARG3}")

That is just a sample bit of code, and I can most likely figure out that part.

The problem is I don't know what configuration file to put it in, or where to put it in that file.

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I figured it out, so I'll put the answer on here in case it helps anyone.

Within the FreePBX web admin there are two files

/libararies/extensions.class.php /modules/core/

In extensions.class.php I added the following class

class ext_crmagi extends extension {
    var $pri;
    var $ext;
    var $context;

function ext_crmagi($pri, $ext = false, $context = false) {
    if ($context !== false && $ext === false) {
        trigger_error("\$ext is required when passing \$context in ext_crmagi::ext_crmagi()");

    $this->pri = $pri;
    $this->ext = $ext;
    $this->context = $context;

function incrementContents($value) {
    $this->pri += $value;

function output() {
    return 'AGI(myphpscript.php, ${CALLERID(num)}, ${CALLERID(name)}, ${EXTEN}, ${SIPCALLID}, ${UNIQUEID})' ;

The in I added

$ext->add('ext-local', $exten['extension'], '', new ext_crmagi('',''));

Then anytime you use the web interface to add an extension it will add in the agi script as well, allowing you to use php to interface with asterisk.

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