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After falling in love with MediaElement.js, I ran into a problem. On the site in question we use Bitgravity as our CDN. Bitgravity uses an MD5 hash to secure video URLs, added to the end as a variable. For example:

The result was MEj's "Download File" link, pointing to the page the code is on. After fooling around a bit, I found that the presence of a variable on the URL is triggering the problem.

Does anyone know of a way to make MediaElements.js accept a source URL with a variable such as this?

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Here's a bit of a hack that made this work for me: Since I was using the Wordpress plugin of MediaElement, I looked at mediaelement-js-wp.php and found this: ` if ($src) { $attributes[] = 'src="'.htmlspecialchars($src).'"'; $flash_src = htmlspecialchars($src); } ` It was commented out and replaced with longer code that helped MEj find files if you failed to give an extension. I wasn't worried about that, so I took the later out, uncommented this, and now my secure URLs work. – Chris Lowrance Oct 23 '12 at 21:11

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