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I'm trying create my own rss feed from site free.zoznam.sk via yahoo pipe. Feed for this site is created via feed43.com/ For source code lets talk about this one video http://free.zoznam.sk/video/Specialny-preskok-1350927332

Now I need to pull out only the description and an image of the video, and ignore the rest.

The description can be obtained from:

   content="už od začiatku to vyzeralo na problém. Zábavné videá online na Free.sk. Pridaj aj svoje video!"


<!-- eTarget ContextAd Start -->
  už od začiatku to vyzeralo na problém
<!-- eTarget ContextAd End -->`


   value="už od začiatku to vyzeralo na problém"

And the source of the image of the video is:


Here is my pipe http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.info?_id=d08fe4bb311f8681c2e007966cdf6226

It's working, but how can I remove the irrelevant stuff from the source like:

<div style="width:640px;">

<div class="popisb" style="background-image:none;width:640px;margin-left:10px;margin-top:10px;height:auto;">


Any help would be appreciated.

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It sounds like you need XPath fetch. I'll leave someone with better knowledge of pipes to take it from there... –  boisvert Oct 26 '12 at 9:37

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