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i have this commands, other columns has its data, but I2 is empty, no function, nothing i think im donig something wrong, but dont know what. thanks

in I2 is this data "2012/10"

$foo->setCellValue("B$rowCounter", "Lukáš Doubek")
    ->setCellValue("F$rowCounter", "IČ: 77889977")
    ->setCellValue("H$rowCounter", "Variabilní symbol")
    ->setCellValue("I$rowCounter", '=CONCATENATE("LEFT(I2;4)","RIGHT(I2;2)")');
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While this is an excel command, not a php one, I believe this line is incorrect :

->setCellValue("I$rowCounter", '=CONCATENATE("LEFT(I2;4)","RIGHT(I2;2)")');

Shouldn't it, instead, be like this?

->setCellValue("I$rowCounter", '=CONCATENATE("LEFT(I2,4)","RIGHT(I2,2)")');
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thanks a lot for this help! the right command is ->setCellValue("I$rowCounter", "=CONCATENATE(LEFT(I2,4),RIGHT(I2,2))"); –  dub Oct 23 '12 at 18:25
No problem. Glad to be of assistance. –  Icehawg Oct 23 '12 at 18:28

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