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I have an app server (app.a.com) and a test server (test.a.com). I set "App Domains" as "*.a.com". How do I set "Website with Facebook Login" so that both server will work?

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in your "App Domains" just put a.com. And have you tried leaving the Website with Facebook Login empty (not sure about this!)? if that didn't work, how about just adding a.com? –  ifaour Oct 23 '12 at 19:49

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Yes, I do this on my site.

In the App Dashboard in the "Basic" tab, set:

App Domains to your-domain.com

Website with Facebook Login to http://your-domain.com

Then your app URLs will look like this:




Where get_user_feed.php in subdomain test is a different file than the one on www

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