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I'm trying to set an option (xdebug.profiler_enable) in my php.ini file using python's ConfigParser object. here is the code: section in php.ini file im trying to modify

;turn on the profiler?


import sys
import ConfigParser

if __name__ == '__main__':            
    phpIniLocation = "/home/made_up_user/Desktop/phpinicopy.ini";
    phpIni = ConfigParser.RawConfigParser();;

    xdebugSetting = phpIni.getboolean("xdebug", "xdebug.profiler_enable");

    if xdebugSetting:
        phpIni.set("xdebug", "xdebug.profiler_enable", "0");                   

        phpIni.set("xdebug", "xdebug.profiler_enable", "1");

Environment: Ubuntu 9.04,python 2.6 Everything SEEMS to be working fine. The xdebugSetting variable returns the option's boolean value correctly, I can parse through the section and retrieve each of the options correct values, and the set method doesn't throw any exceptions, but when i check the file, the options have not been changed. I have used RawConfigParser, ConfigParser, and SafeConfigParser all with the same result. The script runs with roots permissions. Is there something I'm missing? How do I get the set method to work?

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What makes you think a config parser will update a config file? Where did you read that? –  S.Lott Aug 20 '09 at 2:55

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phpIni.write(open(phpIniLocation, 'w'))


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thank you, i should have read the documentation more thoroughly. –  user159697 Aug 20 '09 at 5:21
@unknown (google): If this is the right answer, do not say "thanks" (although, that's a nice thing to do). Click the green "accept this answer" check-mark (that's even nicer.) –  S.Lott Aug 20 '09 at 10:05

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