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Consider the code:

var app = angular.module("app", [], function($routeProvider) {
    .when("/page1", { controller: "MyController" })
    .when("/page2", { controller: "MyController" })
    .when("/page3", { controller: "MyController" });

app.factory("StrategyOne", function() {...});
app.factory("StrategyTwo", function() {...});
app.factory("StrategyThree", function() {...});

app.controller("MyController", function(Strategy, $scope) {...});

Depending on URL, I want either StrategyOne, or StrategyTwo, or StrategyThree to be injected, when constructing MyController. A pseudo-code to illustrate the idea:

var app = angular.module("app", [], function($routeProvider) {
    .when("/page1", { controller: "MyController", Strategy: "StrategyOne" })
    .when("/page2", { controller: "MyController", Strategy: "StrategyTwo" })
    .when("/page3", { controller: "MyController", Strategy: "StrategyThree" });

Any change I can achieve something like this with AngularJS?

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Yes! AngularJS can handle this pretty easily thnx to the resolve property of a route definition (more info here).

So, basically you could write something like:

var app = angular.module("app", [], function($routeProvider) {
    .when("/page1", { controller: "MyController", resolve: {Strategy: "StrategyOne"}})
    .when("/page2", { controller: "MyController", resolve: {Strategy: "StrategyTwo"}})
    .when("/page3", { controller: "MyController", resolve: {Strategy: "StrategyThree"}});

to have the proper strategy injected into your controller! AngularJS DI at its best!

There is a very good video tutorial dealing with the resolve topics, you might find it interesting:

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OMG, I've been sure it's possible, but I haven't been expecting it's that easy. Thanks! :-) – loki2302 Oct 23 '12 at 19:22
Does this still work? I'm running into an issue stated here Where my factory is only called once; and not each time the route should be resolved. – Lucas May 28 '13 at 15:49
@Lucas This is probably because factories are singletons and are only ever called once! What happens is that the factory is injected into your controller (no method is called on it), leaving your controller tocall whatever it likes against your it e.g. in your controller StrategyOne.getContent() – WickyNilliams Jun 11 '13 at 11:37

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