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I have a small one item purchase store on my website which uses the PayPal Express Checkout API to complete the payments. I have everything working correctly except the final API call DoExpressCheckoutPayment(). I have tried to implement this several different ways, however none of them seem to be working.

Here is my success.php page, where the api call GetExpressCheckoutDetails() is made at the top and then DoExpressCheckoutPayment() is supposed to be made at the bottom:

<script language="Javascript">

    function showFBWindow(s1, s2, s3, s4, s5)
        url = "purchase-thankyou.php?name="+s1+"&email="+s2+"&code="+s3+"&id="+s4+"&token="+s5;
        if (window.focus) {newwindow.focus();}



$Token      = $_GET["token"];
$PayerID    = $_GET["PayerID"];

$nvps = array();
$nvps["VERSION"] = "65.1";

// get details of transaction 
$nvps["METHOD"] = "GetExpressCheckoutDetails";
$nvps["TOKEN"] = $Token;
$response = RunAPICall($nvps); // Send the API call to PayPal.


<title>Order Processed</title>
<body bgcolor="#ffffff">
<h1>THANK YOU!</h1>
<h1>Your order has been processed. Please follow the link below to complete your   payment</h1>

$id         = $_GET['PayerID'];
$token      = $response['TOKEN'];
$checkoutstatus = $response['CHECKOUTSTATUS'];
$timestamp      = $response['TIMESTAMP'];
$correlation_id = $response['CORRELATIONID'];
$acknowledgement    = $response['ACK'];
$version        = $response['VERSION'];
$build      = $response['BUILD'];
$e_mail_id      = $response['EMAIL'];
$payer_id       = $response['PAYERID'];
$payer_status   = $response['PAYERSTATUS'];
$first_name     = $response['FIRSTNAME'];
$last_name      = $response['LASTNAME'];
$cust_name      = $first_name." ".$last_name;
$country_code   = $response['COUNTRYCODE'];
$currency_code  = $response['CURRENCYCODE'];
$amount     = $response['AMT'];
$item_amt       = $response['ITEMAMT'];
$shipping_amt   = $response['SHIPPINGAMT'];
$handling_amt   = $response['HANDLINGAMT'];
$tax_amt        = $response['TAXAMT'];

// complete purchase by sending DoExpressCheckoutPayment
$nvps["METHOD"] = "DoExpressCheckoutPayment";
$nvps["TOKEN"] = $token;
$nvps["PAYMENTACTION"] = "Sale";
$nvps["PAYERID"] = $payer_id;
// Send the API call to PayPal.
$response = RunAPICall($nvps);


<a href="#" 
onclick="showFBWindow('<?php echo $cust_name;?>','<?php echo $e_mail_id;?>','<?php echo     $currency_code; ?>','<?php echo $id;?>', '<?php echo $token;?>')">
   Click to Continue</a>


I am passing the customer name and email through the URL to a thank you page to save the information into my database. Should I be calling the DoExpressCheckoutPayment() on the thank you page?

EDIT: I have added '&useraction=commit' to the end of the SetExpressCheckout() URL call which is supposed to make the "Continue" button change to "Pay Now" which is does, but it still doesn't complete the payment?

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Using "useraction=commmit" doesn't remove the need for calling the DoExpressCheckoutPayment() call. As you've noticed - it only changes the experience but not short circuits the API calls. More info here: https://cms.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/?cmd=_render-content&content_ID=developer/e_howto_api_ECCustomizing

Back to your original question - no - you should be calling DoExpresscheckout even before you display "Thank You page" as until you call the DoExpresscheckout - your funds are not guaranteed.

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