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I'm trying to read files from the directory. If file cannot be processed it stays there to be tried later.

<file:inbound-channel-adapter prevent-duplicates="false" id="fileInput" directory="file:${}/input-data" auto-create-directory="true" filter="compositeFileFilterBean"/>

    <integration:poller id="poller" max-messages-per-poll="10" default="true" >
        <integration:interval-trigger interval="60" time-unit="SECONDS" />

The problem is if max-messages-per-poll set to, say 10, then each poll will return exactly 10 messages, even if there is only 1 file (i.e. all 10 messages will be the same).

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Yes, that would be the expected behavior with those settings.

I am not sure why you think that is wrong.

If there is a file in the directory that is not filtered by a filter (such as the one that prevents duplicates), it will be found by the poller, either within the current poll (when max-messages-per-poll is > 1) or on the next poll.

To do what you want, you would need a custom filter, that would filter a file that was previously found within your 60 seconds polling interval.

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