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I have two columns of data, x and y. The y data takes the shape of the triangle wave below. As you can see, the triangle has 2 sections of positive gradient and 1 longer section with a negative gradient.

Triangular shape of y-data (amplitude is not important)

I would like to write a program that:

  • Queries whether the current entry in an vertical array has a positive or negative gradient with respect to the successive entry in the array.
  • Then, plots the y data against x, where y values with a positive gradient (and its respective x value) are plotted using one colour, and the negative points in another colour.

How is this best done in Python?

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With PIL or matplotlib. When you have specific problems, come back, we will be happy to help you. –  lolopop Oct 23 '12 at 19:20
I think I have made it as specific as possible... If you mean you would like me to offer my trial code, that's doable! I was hoping for different approaches. –  8765674 Oct 23 '12 at 19:23

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filen = 'filename.txt'
x = loadtxt(fn,unpack=True,usecols=[0]) 
y = loadtxt(fn,unpack=True,usecols=[1])

n = ma.masked_where(gradient(y) < 0, y)
p = ma.masked_where(gradient(y) > 0, y)


Does the trick for me!

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