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How do you specify a different subdomain for secure content: i.e. in the security.yml file I have the following under the access_control: section:

- { path: ^/Account/Login, access: isAnonymous(), requires_channel: https }

That's all fine for my development environment, because I have a self-signed wildcard certificate. In reality in my production environment for this particular website I have an existing SSL certificate that I'd like to use instead of buying another.

So, say my website is http://www.somesite.com/ and the secure stuff needs to be accessed at https://secure.somesite.com/... How do I tell Symfony2 to go to there instead?

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Hopefully hostname based routes is a feature that will be available in Symfony 2.2 . Take a look at this Pull Request.

When the time comes you will be able to force HTTPS for different URLS (as you are doing now), and adding hostname requirements for your routes. Both things combined would let you use a separate subdomain for HTTPS connections.

In the meanwhile, if you cant wait for this feature to come, you can give this blog article a try.

Hope it helps.

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That's a great blog article, looks like it is just what I'm after for now. That pull request looks really interesting. I can imagine it'd be useful for if people want to force certain domains to be used for the areas using the firewall... interesting stuff. –  Seer Oct 23 '12 at 20:25
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