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I'm adding a row dynamically to a table and I need to do 2 things after it:

1) clear the values

2) simulate a click on a newly created link (the link is in one of the cells).

Here is the code that adds the row to the table (which is working fine):

var row = $('.records_table tbody>tr:last').clone(true);
row.insertAfter('.records_table tbody>tr:last');

My row html code looks like this:

<tr class=​"odd">​
   <td class=​"name">​name_0</td>​
   <td class=​"type">​type_0​</td>​
   <td class=​"value">​value_0</td>​
   <td class=​"edit">​
       <a href=​"edit" class=​"edit">​edit​</a>​

So, my first question: How can I clear the values name_0, type_0 and value_0?

Now, the second question. I need to simulate a click on a the link "edit" in order to trigger an event linked to the selector "a.edit" (this event is being correctly triggered for the pre-existing edit links in other rows that are loaded with the page). I'm able to get the button as var editbtn = $("td:last", row). I'm able to hide the link doing editbtn.hide(), but doing is not triggering the event as expected.

The handler that should get the click is: $(document).on('click', 'a.edit', function(e) {, which again is working on the other links in other rows.

Any ideas? Thanks a lot

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Q2: the handler will only fire on items in the DOM. If the row is added after loading the page, you need to reset the handler or add a new one. – greener Oct 23 '12 at 19:13
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You can traverse it like this

var row = $('.records_table tbody>tr:last').clone(true);
row.insertAfter('.records_table tbody>tr:last');
$('.records_table tbody>tr:last') // gets last tr
    .find('td') // gets all td
    .not('.edit') // not the td with class=edit
    .text('') // make all text empty
    .end() // go back to first selector
    .find('a.edit').click(); // find anchor within tr and trigger click

If you want the click on the last td instead of anchor.. you can do it like this

$('button').click(function() {
    var row = $('.records_table tbody>tr:last').clone(true);
    row.insertAfter('.records_table tbody>tr:last');
    $('.records_table tbody>tr:last')
    $('tbody td:last').click();

$('.records_table').on('click', 'td.edit', function(e) {
    console.log("anchor number " + $('td.edit').index(this) + 'clicked');

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Thanks a lot. This worked very well! – duduklein Oct 23 '12 at 19:51

I believe this will answer both of your questions:


<button id="btn">Add row</button>
<table class="records_table">


//simple function to repeat a string num times
String.prototype.repeat = function( num )
    return new Array( num + 1 ).join( this );

var i = 2;
var char = '*';

var lastRowSelector = '.records_table tbody tr:last';
//click handler for the cell
$(lastRowSelector + ' td').click(function() {

    var lastRow = $(lastRowSelector);
    //clone the row (note that handler will be cloned as well)
    var newRow = lastRow.clone(true);
    //obtain the only 'td' cell in the row
    var cell = newRow.find('td');
    //clear text of the cell by replacing it with new text. You could call cell.text('') to just clear it
    //insert the row to the end of the table
    //simulate click;

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You can find the last appendrow using :last

var row = $('.records_table tbody>tr:last').clone(true);
row.insertAfter('.records_table tbody>tr:last');
// Recently added row..
var recentRow = $('.records_table tbody>tr:last');

    $(this).text('');  // Will clear the values..
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your method to clear the values worked, but I already have access to the last row. Any ideas of how to answer the 2nd question? Someone else voted your answer down. – duduklein Oct 23 '12 at 19:20
Don't use editbtn = $("td:last", row) .. because it points to the row from which it is cloned... Use editbtn = $("td:last", recentRow) instead – Sushanth -- Oct 23 '12 at 19:24
Looks like you are delegating the event right.. So instead of clone(true) clone() should be sufficient – Sushanth -- Oct 23 '12 at 19:25

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