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I have an image that opens in a a lightbox (Colorbox is the script). When the image opens I added a CSS3 Animation. Works great but at first the lightbox has scrollbars which disappear once the animation is complete.

How do I prevent the lightbox from showing scrollbars at all?


  /* Width and Height of the Image */

<div class="hide">
<div id="start">
 <img src="/Images/designs/start-large.jpg" class="animated rollIn"> 
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You could try to add overflow:hidden; to your CSS style of the div / img. Or try overflow:visible; if it cuts off something.

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overflow:hidden works great! Note: overflow:visible does not fix the scrollbar issue. –  Lynda Oct 23 '12 at 19:49

You can use colorbox.resize() to automatic calculate its size or use overflow hidden to the parents of your content.
Both ways works.

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#cboxLoadedContent{overflow:hidden !important;}

This is working for me.

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Set the colorbox setting scrolling to false to disable scrollbars on content.

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