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I need to use FormsAuthentication to authenticate login for users using ajax, I know I can't use FormsAuthentication.RedirectFromLoginPage("UserName",false) because there's no redirection when using ajax.
What can I use to set that this user authorized.
Tried to use:

FormsAuthentication.SetAuthCookie("UserName", false);

But there's cookie here and I don't want to use cookie.


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You can use the encryption/decryption/expiration aspects of Forms Authentication separately from the request/response cycle (e.g. cookies).

For example: you can get the auth token as a string like this:

// create a ticket for "myusername" which expires in 15 minutes
string authToken = FormsAuthentication.Encrypt(new FormsAuthenticationTicket("myusername", false, 15));

And then when use receive it back from the user from some custom approach (you didn't really specify what you're going to use instead of cookies) you use FormsAuthentication.Decrypt to check if it's valid. Note that you have to trap exception and check for null in order to check validity.

// decrypt receivedAuthToken string which was received somehow in your request
FormsAuthenticationTicket authTicket = FormsAuthentication.Decrypt(receivedAuthToken);

But then you have to also manage the renewal process yourself too:

var newTicket = FormsAuthentication.RenewTicketIfOld(authTicket);
var newToken = FormsAuthentication.Encrypt(newTicket)
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