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Below is a part of my macros functions, where are the cell value of (r,47) could have & entered by the user. I would like to replace the & entered with &.

I tried the substitute , but it gives syntax error while I try to save the macro. Can someone please help me.

Currently I have this statement in my macro function.

Print #fnum, "<College><School>" & Cells(r, 47) & "</School></College>" and I tried the below one.

Print #fnum, "<College><School>" & Cells(r, 47).Substitute('&','&amp;') & "</School></College>"
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  1. You should use double quote when defining strings.
  2. Substitute wont work. It's a worksheet function, not a method of a range object.
  3. Try VBA Replace function instead

    Print #fnum, "<College><School>" & Replace(Cells(r, 47), "&", "&amp") & "</School></College>"

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It just missed an ; after "&amp" Print #fnum, "<College><School>" & Replace(Cells(r, 47), "&", "&amp;") & "</School></College>" –  Janet Oct 24 '12 at 13:37

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