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First, I'm just learning Powershell, but have programmed in many scripting languages.

What I'm doing is writing a script to retrieve output from a command on a remote server and then check that output for the word "running". Right now it retrieves the output of the command and I have it in my variable $data. The problem is I'm putting it thru my "clean_data" function and it's not the same contents in the variables that I'm passing to the function.

What I'm wondering is how on Earth does the output of the $data variable have one content when printed to screen, but when passed to a function and immediately printed have a new content? What am I missing?

I just want to loop thru the lines that were returned to see how many have "running" in them and print a nice error if there isn't

CODE (Partial: function and relevant code)

function clean_data($input) {
  Write-Output "Received data"$input
  Write-Output "Cleaning data"
  foreach ($line in $input) {
     Write-Output "Looking at: "$line.ToString()
     if ($line.ToString().Contains("running")) {
   Write-Output $output
   return ,$output

$data = Get-Job -id $jobid.id | Receive-Job 
Write-output "Data Type: "$data.GetType().Fullname
Write-Output "Output of $cmd"
Write-Output "============================================================"
Write-Output $data
Write-Output "============================================================"
clean_data $data
Write-Output $newdata
Remove-Job -Id $jobid.Id


Data Type: 
Output of C:\opcragt.bat servername

C:\Windows\system32>"D:\Program Files\HP\HP BTO Software\bin\win64\opcragt.cmd" servername

Node: servername
HPOM Managed Node status :
OV Performance Core coda (3500) is running
OV Communication Broker ovbbccb (10988) is running
OV Control ovcd (10400) is running
OV Config and Deploy ovconfd (5092) is running

Subagent EA:
Action Agent opcacta (9716) is running
Monitor Agent opcmona (9872) is running
Message Agent opcmsga (14712) is running
Message Interceptor opcmsgi (13512) is running
WMI Interceptor opcwbemi (6608) is running

Remote administration completed successfully on all nodes.

Received data
Cleaning data
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Careful, $input is an automatic variable used by PowerShell to allow iteration over data passed into a function. Try this instead:

function clean_data($data) {
  Write-Verbose "Received data: $data"
  Write-Verbose "Cleaning data"
  $output = @()
  foreach ($line in $data) {
     Write-Verbose "Processing line: $line"
     if ($line -match 'running') {
          $output += $line
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LOL. I knew it had to be something simple. Either I haven't gotten to the chapter on automatic variables yet or the book I'm reading doesn't cover it. At any rate, thanks so much for the help. It works as I want it to now. – Marcus Grosz Oct 24 '12 at 12:12

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